Representing something under specific criterion or collection has completely different charm in pursuing any of such things. Identifying and targeting this enthusiasm has resulted in one of the most innovative and creative portal of SoundCloud. It is an online portal, dedicated to serve various sound clips which are posted by their creators, in a view of obtaining global reviews regarding their creations. The idea behind the origin of this webportal was a need of one such platform where anyone can share and endorse their originally created soundtracks amid of global masses. Mostly it is famous and used by the novice musicians as they have got a source of global exposure for their compositions.

However, the use of SoundCloud is not restricted only up to the musical tracks but any kind of created or recorded sounds can be shared with the masses through this online portal. The struggling musicians are now at more convenient portal as the annoying process of sending their composition and no response kind of situations has almost became a history due to this website. Now they can easily attain the views of the general masses and professionals over this portal and all that are quick in nature as well. The troublesome process of seeking views and attention of the prominent musicians or experts is almost eliminated due to this portal; as such professionals were continuously in touch with this website.

The various prospects and usage of this site cannot be enumerated in limited words but can be tried to show some light over such points. The various feature and SoundCloud usage can be listed as:

Features and Usages

  • Struggling and new artists can put their compositions open for general public and professionals, for their precious views and suggestions over it.
  • Their compositions can be shared with other leading social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, through unique URL, provided to compositions during their uploading.
  • As it is compatible with various prominent social sites, it automatically secures a huge mass of online users, to whom every sound clip can reached easily.
  • All sound files can be shared publically and privately over the portal.
  • A group can be created to share collected or pooled SoundCloud soundtracks from one common space.
  • It allows their registered users to listen as many as soundtracks they wish to go through.
  • Up to 180 minutes of soundtrack upload to each profile comes with no cost.